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SHEVYpro wigs is the ultimate hair replacement company.

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1884 Coney island Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11230
Phone: (718) 336-5111
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Shevypro produces the most luxurious wigs made from the finest European hair. We use the most innovative nets and finest European hair tresses to design the finest human hair wigs. Our wigs are used in the entertainment industry where fashion forward wigs are needed for time sensitive fashion shoots.

All our wigs are naturally silky, lightweight, beautifully shaped and affordable. Shevypro wigs are also used extensively for clients who have temporary hair loss due to alopecia or chemo treatments.

Shevypro carried the most extensive stock of styles, lengths colors and textures in the industry enabling clients to access what they need whenever they need it. We are the ultimate destination for anything related to custom hair pieces.

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